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      Coming soon - High Five x2   01/10/2017

      Grand Opening - 24 February
    • Renoa

      Attendance System - Every day is a gift!   01/31/2017

      Dear community! Every day upon logging into the game you will receive a new reward. All characters regardless of their level and class are eligible for participation in the attendance system, and receive the same rewards. 
      You can track your progress in a special window "Attendance Board". It appears every time you enter the game. Upon receiving a daily reward, item icon will turn into a red seal - it means that you have successfully received your daily reward.

      Note! You can receive only one daily reward on your account - keep that in mind and choose the correct character to obtain rewards with from the very first day. In case you accidentally closed the Attendance Board window without claiming your reward, you can recall it from the Main menu → Attendance Board.
        To claim the reward, click on its icon. You can claim your daily reward after being online for 30 minutes. Upon clicking on the reward a timer will be displayed in system messages - in case you have to wait. 

      First Week
      Second Week
      Third Week
      Fourth Week

      After the 4th week you will start again from the 1st week but with new rewards!
      Every week you will receive a certain number of Daily Coins. These items may be exchanged for useful gifts and unique souvenirs: hair accessories at NPC Adriana.
        Log in every day, collect 600 Daily Coins and obtain a permanent hair accessory & more other gifts!   Additional Information: You can get a reward after spending 30 minutes in the game. The reward is available once a day to only one (any) character on a player’s account. There will be a timer, which starts to count down when the character is in the game itself. Thus, the time spent on the character selection screen is not taken into consideration. If a character leaves the game, the timer is reset to zero, which means that a player shall stay in the game for the next 30 minutes. Time until the moment when a player can get a new reward is reset at 06.30 a.m. server time. If player skipped one day of the event and did not enter the game, at the end he would not receive one reward (2 from 3). For example, a player received reward №1 on Monday and then he did not play on Tuesday, so on Wednesday if the player logs, he would get reward №2 from Tuesday (instead of №3 from Wednesday). A character cannot get a reward in case of excess weight or Inventory Slot excess. A character of any level and class is eligible for the reward.


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